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Celebrating Our Mission of Natural Anxiety Relief

Our Story

My name is Claire Wu and I am the founder/ CEO of Breathe Into Peace.

I am a therapist who provides anxiety relief for my patients. But more significantly, I was also a patient myself. This unique combination of my past and present enables me to genuinely understand and relate to the experiences and challenges faced by those with anxiety. My personal experience deepens my empathy for their struggles of finding stress and anxiety relief. It helps to have a dual perspective so I can provide even more compassionate care and insightful support for my clients.

Holistic Therapy Advocate, Backed by Science

I am a physiotherapist with a master's degree. I have practiced therapy in Finland, Singapore, and Australia, and work in the mental health space, providing panic attack treatment and anxiety attack help. I have a full understanding, expertise, and experience working with people who have gone through traumatic experiences (usually associated with mental health problems). 

Through the course of my career, I understand the fact that our body is deeply connected to our mind and both affect each other. That’s why I firmly believe that it’s important to heal the body and mind, especially on the path to anxiety recovery. My evidence-based practice and knowledge in psychology, neuroscience, physiology, anatomy and physiotherapy have shown me how critical breathing exercises are in fostering the mind and body. Thus, I incorporate breathing exercises (and other physical exercises) regularly for my patients as these are well-known natural anxiety relief strategies. I know exactly what breathing exercise to use, and what not to use. I also know what works well and what doesn’t work well for what type of mental health conditions. 

I feel fulfilled when my patients tell me that they find it therapeutic when I work on their breathwork. And although I have been successful in providing quick anxiety relief, I still work closely with doctors and psychologists to provide a holistic treatment methodology. 

Walking the Talk

I have lived experiences with general anxiety disorder, so I can relate to most of my patients. I spent a lot of time, effort, and money to heal fully and find the best remedies for anxiety. I spent around $30,000 per year because I didn’t have the right tools from the start. The standard medications and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) did not work for me. I was numbed and still anxious and oftentimes fighting with my brain. That’s why I embarked on the journey to holistic treatment and nervous system regulation for anxiety relief. Among all the exercises, I found breathing exercises (and other physical exercises) to be the most effective and easy exercise I could do every day, without worrying about any side effects of anxiety medicine.

During my recovery, I created a simple, natural, and no-side-effect way of managing my anxiety- a beautiful breathing necklace. I can discretely use this anxiety relief tool to calm and regulate my nervous system. I then realized that there are millions in Australia and billions worldwide with anxiety like me who can benefit from having access to this coping tool. That’s when I decided to build Breathe Into Peace because anxiety and depression medication should not be the only option..

As a registered therapist for 10 years, I learned that there are many physical symptoms of anxiety. And we should do our best to find natural anxiety relief for these symptoms when possible for the best possible outcomes!

Our expertise

I took my training and personal experience and began treating the patients with nervous system regulation. At this point, I have treated over 10,000 patients, and I have taught over 20,000 breathing exercises.  These milestones are a great validation that I was on the right path by forming this natural anxiety relief product. I spent over 700 hours designing and improving the perfect breathing necklace, with the help of my designer in Australia. 

Most people with anxiety forget about breathing techniques when they are experiencing anxiety, that’s why we created the necklace as a token and reminder, to help people remember to practice deep breathing exercises when they are on the go.  

We donate 10% of our total profits to charity in mental health. It’s our way to give back to millions of people who are suffering from anxiety in Australia. 

Breathe Into Peace acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country (Garigal Land in which we reside) throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging.