Our workshop consists of topics around the nervous system at work, living well and thriving at work, and building mental wellness at work. They are considered an investment for several reasons: improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, cost savings, and enhanced reputation for the organization. The workshop is practical and easy to implement, we also do measurements so you’ll see the outcome and results of the programs. 

Overall, investing in mental health programs benefits individual employees and contributes to a healthier, more productive, and more sustainable workplace culture.

We have a specialized focus on the nervous system, body anatomy and physiology related to psychological safety and hazard. Our facilitator is an expert in nervous system therapy with lived experience. The workshop is highly interactive, with Q & A, engaging, and experiential learning, including group activities, partner exercises, breathwork, spinal/eye movement, and other nervous system techniques. There is also cutting-edge research in what we do, alongside our worksheet and support materials.

Our private program is to help release the emotions and pain with breathwork and other techniques that are associated with past experiences, the triggers they created, the feelings they drive, and the reactive behaviors you may have, as well as any negative dialogues you have stored in your mind. 

I am a registered physiotherapist and business development expert in Australia who has worked as a professional for 15 years in the mental health space.  I taught a lot of clients breathwork and other nervous system techniques and saw great effects of them on their health and  well-being.

Mental health is a consistent and continuous practice, just like our physical health. The package is a wonderful idea as part of our workshops, that many organisations choose, is to provide lasting value and create an impact by giving their teams a practical and beautiful keepsake that they can use during the workshops and also continue to use in their work and lives. This is a way to truly value people and give a lasting gift that is useful in the future and is a memory of their time spent.

We recommend you do it daily so you are well-regulated every day.

When you get triggered or stressed, it's when you use it. 

It's like an anchor that's always there to keep you calm and cool. There’s a saying that strikes the iron when it's hot. The best time to practice breathwork or nervous system techniques is when you are calm and relaxed. So that you remember how to breathe slowly and steadily. It will be harder when you are triggered or stressed. Practice it regularly so that when you are being triggered or stressed, you can pick up easily. We recommend you do it 10 times for each practice. 

Imagine when you are going into an important meeting and you were triggered with anxiety, you could feel the weight of the necklace, as you touched it,  it reminded you to breathe deeply and focus on the air in and out which prevented you from spiraling down negative thoughts. 

Breathing necklaces can be used as anti-smoking, anti-vaping necklaces or quit-smoking, quit vaping necklaces, are designed to support individuals in their journey to reduce or quit smoking and vaping. These necklaces incorporate a simple yet effective concept aimed at managing cravings and reducing dependency on smoking or vaping through controlled breathing exercises. You can learn more in this article about how it can help.

Breathing increases oxygen to our brain and body. It is scientifically proven to release stress and anxiety in the body and reduce heart rate, panic attacks, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. 

Each hour we do 10 deep breaths, that’s what we recommend to start with. 

You can do 10 breaths each morning, afternoon and at night times

Once you build up the habit, you can practice more than 3 times per day. 

Ideally within one hour, do 10 deep breaths, more than that might feel uncomfortable or fainting.

Our Peace Journal is a collaboration with aboriginal artists and designed by therapists to relieve stress and anxiety, it has the following: 

  • Guided journal prompts to write down your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • 190 valuable pages of prompts to help you think about your worries, values, reactions, triggers, gratitude, routines, activities, habits, mindfulness practices, self-care
  • Gain self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Help you to process how you are feeling and why
  • Be less judgemental and critical by practicing acceptance

Yes, you can. 

However, when people are triggered or stressed they naturally fall into shallow breathing and forget what they learned about deep breathing or they don’t know what to write, and they go completely blank. 

Having a breathing necklace in front of your chest serves as an anchor and reminder to breathe deeply and consciously. Also, having a guided journal can help you make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour without judging yourself.

This is not a whistle, so there’s no high to mid-pitch sound. 

But it makes sounds like the airflow in a tube, such as when you purse your lip and blow out air from your mouth. The sound is soothing and relaxing and we recommend you to do this exercise where you feel comfortable. 

The narrow tube promotes expansion of the lung while you blow in the necklace, allowing more oxygen to transfer to the lungs. 

Unless other people are close within one arm's distance, it’s not a loud sound that can be heard from away.

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