Mastering Self-Compassion: Your Key to Anxiety Management and Resilience

Be kind to yourself in an anxious situation. 

I learned to be kind to myself throughout the past few years and it is being warm and understanding to yourself during difficult situations and circumstances. 

It’s observing yourself when you have a hard time.

Do you feel compassion for what you are going through? 

It’s like times where you didn't do something right. 

‘I wasn’t able to do it right. I was not able to get a hand on something.’ 

At times like this, I started to be critical and I stopped. I say, “I need to stop judging me. Claire, stop being so critical. Stop being harsh.” I need to put empathy to this because I know I'm learning, I know I'm getting better and I know I can get there.

It was hard for me to give compassion to myself at the start because I didn't learn it from my family. I grew up with critical parents and they struggle to be self compassionate. My parents are always harsh to me and I learned to be really harsh on myself as well. 

I had to constantly learn to change the conversation that I had in my head and it's a skill you can definitely learn and you become more aware to understand that you're really hard on yourself and you're talking down and talking negatively upon yourself.

Instead of doing that, we can find a different way of seeing ourselves in the situation. We can reframe things, reframe the way we talk to ourselves like imagine what you will say to your inner child, imagine what you will say to your friend or best friend, or anyone in the same situation; what would you tell them?

I hope you can use this in circumstances or times when you struggle or feel anxious. I hope this helps. Take care. 

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