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Breathe In Success $250

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Unlock and Let Go $150

Half day workshop per person

Break Free Now $150

Our Clients


I highly recommend Claire's program. It will be the best start to your healing journey.

She taught me ways to control and regulate my anxiety.

Myra Eklhass

I recently joined the workshop, it is so welcoming, calming, and very easy to follow. I learned a few useful clinical techniques plus many other valuable tips to help you improve your mental health

Aviva Cheng

The best part of the classes and programs are digestible and easy to follow. The tools given in the workshop are helpful for mind/mood regulation. I am a yoga/meditation teacher and I still find I learn a lot.

Serena Yang

Facilitator Biography

Claire is a registered therapist and worked as a professional in mental health for 15 years. She has a Master's in Sports Science, a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy, and a minor in Psychology.

She’s also an Accredited Mindset Coach, Psychosomatic Therapist, and Pilates teacher, Mental Health First Aider. Claire has worked with Estia Health, Plena Health, Flourish Australia, Focus Movement (Singapore) & OCBC (Singapore) where she combines nervous system regulation, personal stories, and her knowledge to share practical tools to help build a resilient and strong team.

Breathe Into Peace proudly supports charities including Gidget Foundation Australia and Reach Out. We love our work and the impact we make and are very much looking forward to working with you and your team.

Terms & Conditions

  • Pay in full before the date to secure the time
  • Workshop is non-refundable
  • Change to dates and location will be acceptable up to 7 days before the event

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