Mental Health Education for Business Owners&Professionals

We help business owners and busy professionals to improve their mental health and well-being.

Our mini-courses cover a variety of key skills in mental health, including social engagement, co-regulation, communication, boundaries, body-based exercises, acceptance, and others.

Peer-to-Peer Support

We believe in the basic principles of a holistic approach to recovery

Inner Peace Circle is a safe, comfortable, and cozy anxiety support group that allows you to be heard, seen, and understood. This community itself is a medicine of its own, with a moderator and community manager to ensure a safe non-judgmental, and discreet environment.

Take Control of Your Anxiety and Stress

Inner Peace Circle empowers you to live in the present moment 

Our resources and support help business owners and busy professionals to take control of their anxiety and stress, this allows them to fully accept themselves and pursue their purpose in work and life.

Community Session

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Hi, I am Claire WU, a registered therapist who works with many anxiety clients, and a patient myself, I healed and recovered from anxiety. 

I am delighted you have found me

Regulating my nervous system with breathwork, eye, hand, and other specific body exercises has allowed me to heal from perfectionism, workaholism, and high-functioning anxiety. Additionally, specific skills in communication, boundaries and understanding my emotions have helped a lot. 

Being in a community with like-minded men and women makes me feel safe, seen, and calm.  It allows me to support each other, co-regulate together, and foster meaningful connections.

All of these help me heal and thrive. 

I went from surviving to thriving than I ever imagined. 

I have made it my mission to empower people like you to do the same, so you can be in control of your body and mind and not be affected by anxiety and stress.

That’s why I created Inner Peace Circle, the world’s first science-based and heart & soul-led private community that supports you in your mental health journey.

Our Proud Members


Claire is so patient and warm and Inner Peace Circle is great for anyone who wants to find relief and joy again in life.

Aviva L.

I like the energy of the group. Everyone is welcoming and supportive. There was no judgment or criticism. We all help each other and lift each other

Emma M.

The mini-courses are all digestible and easy to follow and implement. My fave exercise is the worry time, it has helped me a lot with overthinking and anxiety

Sabrina I.