Workplace Mental Health & Resilience Training

At Breathe Into Peace, we specialize in workplace mental health training and resilience training tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Led by Claire Wu, our founder/CEO, we are dedicated to empowering your team to thrive in the present moment.

Our programs are designed for private companies (banks, accounting firms, insurance), hospitals (nurses, doctors), and higher education institutions (teachers, managers).

Leader Benefits

  • Foster a more productive, happier, and healthier workforce through resilience training.
  • Enhance employee retention and attract top talent with a supportive workplace culture.

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Employee Benefits

  • Reduce burnout and fatigue through effective workplace mental health training.
  • Improve mental wellness and clarity for enhanced productivity.
  • Increase job satisfaction by giving tools for resilience.


We developed our trainings to help you and your team to:

Reduce mental health stigma through education and awareness.
Provide access to practical resources for regulating anxiety & stress.
Address absenteeism, presenteeism, burnout, and work isolation head-on.


Program offerings:

Whatever your industry, staff and business painpoints, we have the right resilience and workplace mental health training for you. Both in-person and online options are available, for a maximum of participants per workshop.


Master Your Nervous System at Work


Live Well and Thrive at Work


Building Mental Wellness at Work


Our nervous system wellness program cover the following topics:
Week 1

Open discussion on mental health Deep dive into the goals and challenges of those attending the programs including peers and teachers

Week 2

Techniques to regulate the mind We learn and practice daily meditations, mantras, visualisations, gratitude, worry time and triggers

Week 3

Techniques to regulate the nervous system Learn specific nervous system techniques like breathwork, eye movement, spinal movement and self-massage

Week 4 Mind-body-spirit for mental wellness Every person is a unique individual, therefore we tailored mental wellness routines and practices to each person
Week 5 Understand the body and nervous system Here we discover the connection between anatomy and emotions, and how it affects our nervous system
Week 6 Understand the belief systems We learn what shapes our belief systems and techniques to shift our belief systems if they are not serving us
Week 7 Understand the minds’ impact on the nervous system The mind is very powerful and we can help our mind to manage stress and anxiety on a daily basis
Week 8 Wrap-up and ongoing tools for mental wellness Reinforce the understanding and techniques discovered during the Program and leave time and space for open discussions


Why Choose Us?



Claire Wu is the founder/CEO of Breathe Into Peace

Her vision is to empower the world to live in the present moment. 

Breathe Into Peace’s mission is to impact millions of people on their mental health and well-being journey with practical tools. 

Claire brings in her knowledge and experiences of the nervous system, emotion regulation, and mindfulness and helps your team to thrive in uncertain times and challenges. You will gain practical tools and ready-to-go practices for your mental health and well-being. 

Claire has been a physiotherapist in the mental health space for 14 years.  

She has a master's in sports science, a bachelor's in physiotherapy, and a minor in psychology.

She’s also an accredited mindset coach, somatic therapist, and pilates teacher, mental health first aid.

Claire has worked with Estia Health, Plena Health, Flourish Australia, Focus Movement (Singapore) & OCBC (Singapore) where she combines nervous system regulation, personal stories/experiences, and her knowledge to share practical tools to help build a resilient and strong team. 

We support charities including Gidget Foundation Australia and Reach Out.


Speaker/Workshop Topic


Master your nervous system at work 
Live well and thrive at work  
Building mental wellness at work 
The insights to manage anxiety
How to release the trauma stored in body and mind
How to regulate the nervous system to avoid burnout 
How to set clear boundaries at work
How to build confidence
How to live your best lives


    Ready to prioritize your team's mental health and resilience? Contact us today to schedule a workshop and take the first step towards creating a thriving workplace culture.

    Together, let's breathe into peace and unlock the full potential of your team.