Breathwork: Your Anchoring Technique for Anxiety Relief

During times of anxiety, it can be hard to stay grounded in the present moment. If left unchecked, overwhelming feelings of dread and worry may overtake your thoughts and disrupt your peace. But there is an ancient practice that you can use to help clear out anxious energy from your body – breathwork! Breathwork has a long history as an effective tool for self-soothing. when used regularly, breathwork can create profound shifts in how you handle difficult emotions so that you move through them more gracefully. In today’s article, we'll look at how breathwork can offer grounding support when things seem impossible to manage. So, read on for tips on using breathwork as a foundation for tackling hard times while discovering more balance within yourself.

Dissociation: Why Anxiety Triggers Out-of-Body Experiences 

Dissociation often arises in response to trauma, extreme distress, or other difficult experiences. Dissociation is a coping mechanism that the brain uses to deal with overwhelming stress and anxiety. When the body is faced with a traumatic or stressful event, the mind can detach from the present moment to protect itself.

This detachment can manifest in two ways: Depersonalization and derealization.


You feel like you exist outside of yourself as if you are simply observing your own life from a distance.


When you first experience the sensation of derealization, It's an unnerving feeling. the world around you feels strange or unreal as if everything is a dream.

It can bring with it feelings of alienation and separation from not just your surroundings but from people too. 

You may find yourself looking out at the world more distantly and without clear understanding, like a tourist peering at unfamiliar cityscapes. 

Grounding: A Powerful Strategy for Coping with Anxiety

Grounding is a powerful coping strategy for anxiety that can bring an immediate sense of relaxation. By stepping back and disengaging from overwhelming emotions, it allows you to regain control at the moment, break down complex negative feelings into more manageable pieces, and focus on your immediate physical environment. 

Anxiety is often rooted in fear and it can take time to understand what is causing the fear and learn how to move past it. Grounding provides a valuable toolkit that enables you to pull yourself out of unhealthy or dangerous patterns and gain clarity on your thoughts and emotions.

It’s also an opportunity to nourish calmness by engaging in mindfulness, reducing ruminations, learning new coping skills such as breathing exercises, and connecting with yourself in a safe, comforting way.

With the intention of self-care in mind, grounding can be an effective way to help ease anxiety symptoms while better understanding how they impact your life.

Breathwork As Grounding technique: The Game Changer for Managing Anxiety

Breathwork is quickly becoming the go-to grounding technique for managing anxiety, and it's no wonder why. It's simple and accessible, and with regular practice, it’s highly effective. 

Learning how to consciously move your breath can be a powerful tool in navigating difficult times and gaining more control over physical, and emotional responses that can lead to stress and overwhelm. 

Breathwork teaches you how to regulate yourself, builds the capacity to manage your distress, and helps you gain insight into when you are off balance or feeling triggered - providing the self-awareness necessary for incredible change in your life. 

Pursed Lip Breathing: A Quick and Easy Breathwork Exercise to Help You Feel More Grounded

Pursed lip breathing is an effective and simple breather workout that can promote relaxation and help you to feel emotionally balanced.

Here’s how it works

  • To practice Pursed Lip Breathing, begin by exhaling slowly for 8-10 seconds or as long as you can.
  • Then, naturally, breathe in through your nose.
  • When you exhale, the pressure from the small hole in the pursed-lip creates an opening of airways in the lungs and brings in more oxygen.
  • Repeat this process 5-10 times

Take Your Breathwork to the Next Level with Our Mindful Breathing Necklace

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The science behind the power of breathwork and anxiety-reducing techniques is undeniable because the effects can be felt quickly. Breathwork has become the secret weapon for many anxious people looking to stay grounded during difficult times. If our breathing necklace is of interest to you, don’t wait - time is of the essence! With all that said, let’s take one more deep breath in and out, feel inwardly for a moment, then go forth into the world grounded and with purpose. Finally, if you tried out breathwork, let us know in the comments section below - we’d love to hear about your experience!

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