Embodiment power: Managing Anxiety through Movement and Awareness

What is happening in this world can be triggering for some of us.

It’s been difficult to sleep or rest or to not worry about things.

I ground myself daily by walking in the forest with flats.
I move daily by swimming in ocean.
I socialize daily by going to gym.
I pray everyday for things to get better and improve.

I continuously had to go back to drumming meditation, embodiment and acceptance,

Drumming meditation to tap into inner wisdom and strength.
Embodiment to breathe and move to live in my body.
Accept what is happening and let it be…

When we inhabit our bodies, we allow ourselves to take more space. 

We live with our movement, with our emotion, with our senses; we’re fully engaged, we're not vacating the body, we stay in the body, no matter if it's good or bad.

Allow yourself to feel all the feelings and they will pass soon. 
Take care of yourself during this time.
We are all doing what we can.

And embodiment is many things: breathing, and movement. 

We are programmed to move in our lives and breathe as well. 

So, if you are breathing you are alive. 

The most problem that we have nowadays is that we sit in front of our computer, we focus on what we’re trying to work on, that we are not breathing properly or moving enough in our day to day. 

Embody movement practices invite you to move while you’re aware of your breathing. We move from your breathing patterns. We’re linking your breathing with movements.

There’s some movement exercises that you can practice like simple breathing, like linking your breath with movement by using your inhale and exhale with the movement in your hands, in your spine, in your neck, in your shoulders, in your hip, and sometimes you have to move through the end points. 

The end point is the path that you connect with the world around you. These endpoints give and receive from the world and those can be your toes, your feet, your fingers, your hands, the top of your head, your tailbone, your face, your mouth...

When we inhabit our bodies, we allow ourselves to take more space. We live with our movement, with our emotion, with our senses; we’re fully engaged, we're not vacating the body,  we stay in the body, no matter if it's good or bad.

You can practice exploring your endpoints and you can also practice moving with rhythm, with beats, with sounds, with music and also, you can move from sensations or feelings. So, you are connected to the sensations of the body including your pulses, your desires and those experiences that you receive while you move. So, you feel how you are moving with the right alignment in sitting, in standing, and in different positions and that can be done through practicing shifting postures and yes sometimes we can just move organically so we practice free movement and those are some of embodiment that we practices through those practices we bring them into business, we bring it on to our day today life and and that make us more connected to what we do, to our clients, to our services, to our products that's why I invite you to incorporate embodiment each day. 

If you need any more help embodying your business success, definitely reach to me, I'm here to help.

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