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Elegant Design
Elegant Design
Instant Effectiveness
Instant Effectiveness
Access to private community support
Access to private community support

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Mindful Breathing Necklace

Deep breathing exercise is clinically and scientifically proven to be very effective in managing stress and anxiety. Our anxiety jewelry helps slow down your breathing and slow down your heart rate and calm the nervous system.

Our anxiety necklace is designed for maximum exhale, with durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, last for years, prudent design, unique triangular shape that comes with a 14-day guarantee, mini-courses and private community access. It blends aesthetic and science so you can use it as an accessory and physical token to ground yourself in the present moment daily.

At Breathe Into Peace, we are dedicated to helping you breathe better, relieve stress and anxiety, heal yourself, and be more grounded and at ease. We sourced our designs in-house and products globally so we can provide the world’s most unique and most effective, natural way of bringing you more peace and calm.

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Mindful Breathing Necklace
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Elevate Your Well-Being

Our mindful breathing necklace helps you do deep breathing during challenging times.

Soothes body & reduce muscle tension

Relieves stress & anxiety

Lower blood pressure & heart rate

Increase oxygen intake in lungs

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How to use the Mindful Breathing Necklace?

Inhale naturally through nose
Inhale naturally through nose
Exhale through mouth to the necklace for 8-10 seconds
Exhale through mouth to the necklace for 8-10 seconds
Repeat until you feel calm and relaxed
Repeat until you feel calm and relaxed

Breathe In, Breathe Out

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About Us

Meet The Founder, Claire

Hello! I'm Claire, a physiotherapist who lives in Sydney, Australia. The Breathe into Peace was born after my healing journey of 15 years as a recovering perfectionist, workaholic, and anxiety warrior.

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